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Over the years we provided a wide range of UX services:

  • Most of our efforts (and love) are invested in the design of  user interfaces for complex systems. We’ve designed a range of systems (BI, CRM, ERP, medical, security, financial, etc) in various platforms (web, desktop, mobile etc.) and in numerous technologies. As we said- we’re UI wizards.
  • Our Graphic designers (GUI) designed applications’ Look-n-feel, splash screens, icons, skins etc. Our graphic designed sells your product while taking usability under consideration.
  • We met many systems- some good so worse- We reviewed their user experience and shared our view on how to improve the user interface.
  • One of the things we love to do is usability tests. During these tests everybody (us and our clients) learn how real users really use the system. From our experience, Even a short test, with a few scenarios and a few users will provide a big added value.

[Most of our efforts (and love) are invested in the design of user interfaces for complex systems.

In several cases, we designed the concept and most of the detail design for some of our customers and in order to make sure additional screens will be consistent with our designs, we created a UI guidelines document. These guidelines could help in the case of several development teams who should follow the same design rules.

  • Moreover, we gave several lectures and workshops on our profession, our projects and our expertise.  We are user-friendly in our lectures- we fit the lectures to our listener’s interests and expectations.

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