Over the years we established a winning User Interface Design Process.


Our User Experience Design is beneficial for Business, PM, Design, Documentation & Support Teams.

For Businesses

  • Faster — shortens development timelines
  • Cheaper — decreases costs of design/development
  • Safer — decreases risk of project slippage, and radically improved chances of success in the marketplace
  • Increases sales — products look better, demo better and sell better, as they are more intuitive to use, faster and more effective
  • Increased competitive edge — customers expect products to be easy to use.

For Project Management

  • Improves risk management — lets you test designs and decide which ones should proceed, long before coding begins
  • Simplifies planning — allows you to calculate required build times and eliminates the need for rework due to incorrect design and miscommunication
  • Provides evidence of success early on — detailed reports, ratings, recordings and video confirm the validity of the design at the earliest stages of the project

For Design Teams

  • More accurate designs — you get a more accurate picture of what needs building with every aspect of the interaction modeled and documented.
  • Provides accurate picture of how users work — don't guess how users might use the interface: you’ll know before you start coding
  • No more 'last minute' changes — designs are tested and completed before coding begins, so no more last minute panic changes
  • Less stress at user acceptance testing (UAT) — since designs are tested before they are built, acceptance testing becomes a much smoother process with far fewer changes, if any

For Documentation Teams

  • Start documenting much sooner — documented designs at the start of the project give you more time to produce documentation, help and training
  • Less to document — decreases the need for user manuals, as the interface is far more intuitive

For Support Teams

  • Fewer training materials — as fewer materials are needed, the costs of producing training materials is reduced.
  • Reduces training time for support team — Every hour cut on training is one hour more of productive work and one hour less to pay an instructor
  • Better office efficiency — Reduced time spent by experienced staff providing assistance when new users encounter difficulties
  • More effective help line support — many enquiries to help-line support are about usability issues. Increased usability will reduce the number of calls to support.

All our projects, from the start, are designed by using a prototype. From the UI concept stage we deliver real, working, GUI demo. You can use this demo in order to understand us and to get feedback from your team, managers and clients. In order to view our demos, you'll need to install a small runtime from here.



I had the pleasure of working with Adi on several innovative projects where we needed to design a top edge UI of our customers. Adi brings innovation and professionalism to the table and she is doing it on time with great value. I will continue to work with Adi in the future and recommend other to consider her if great result is what they are looking for!
Nir Flatau MeidanHead of marketing and business development, Comverse
By rapidly understanding of the requirements, Adi managed to deliver us a really great UI design right on time. Her ability to simplify the most complex UI issues into a simple behavior that the user will easily understand, have made a real difference in our application
Chen LinchevskiCEO, Visual Process
Adi is a great person to work with, equipped with the knowledge and the skills to create both a usable and advanced user interface, her dedication, quick response, defined processes and great personality helped us in our process to create our main product.,
Hay ShteinboimCEO
We have contracted Adi to guide us on a redesign project recently, and are extremely happy with out selection. Adi was able to conceptualize our needs, and turned them into terrific and well planned wireframes and designs that we were able to then define and implement. Adi is a pleasure to work with. Her expertise in the field is clear and apparent, and her work ethic, timeliness and friendly personality make her a pleasure to work with. We have just contracted Adi for her next project with us… thank you, Adi!.
Faigie GrunbergDirector of Operations, See-V

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